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Joe Kiely

After several terms on the Board of Directors of the Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor Coalition, Joe Kiely now serves as the Vice President of the Coalition that supports development of a federal high priority transportation corridor from Mexico through Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado and is very active in statewide and regional transportation planning in Colorado. As Vice President, Joe is working on the Great Plains International Corridor including Ports-to-Plains, Heartland Expressway and Theodore Roosevelt Expressway creating a trade corridor that extends from Canada to Mexico.

Joe Kiely has worked for the Town of Limon since 1990 when he was hired as the Recovery Director following a tornado. In 1992 he was hired full-time as the Community Planner and became Town Administrator in 1995. He currently serves as chair of the East Central Transit Advisory Committee. Joe has a long working relationship with Colorado Rural Development Council Recently Joe was appointed by Governor Bill Ritter to the Transportation Finance and Implementation Panel. Joe also serves on the Board of Directors for Move Colorado, a private industry organization supporting efforts to solve transportation funding issues.

With a B.S. degree in Agriculture Education from Fresno State University, Joe still raises Suffolk sheep with his daughter. He also serves as preacher for the Church of Christ in Limon, Colorado. He is married for 36 years with three grown children and two grandchildren.

Joe Kiely
Vice-President of Operations, Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor Coalition
P.O. Box 9
Limon, CO 80828
Fax: 719-775-9073