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UN IPCC Panel Lied To Us -Part 2-

Daily Express UK

So know we have seen that we were not told the truth by those we expect to be honest. We have been led to believe a series of facts that were never facts to begin with. What does this do to the debate over global warming/climate change? Here are my thoughts on the repercussions and the losers:

UN- They have spent millions upon millions of dollars promoting baseless facts. They pushed their climate agenda without verifying that the information was correct. When you claim to speak for the world and your information is pushed through dozens of countries, you end up losing credibility. Unfortunately this is not the first time the UN has had to backtrack and admit mistakes and/or cover ups.

Climate Scientist- There was a cadre of scientist and other politicians such as Al Gore who were threatening us with doom and gloom if we did not follow their advice. In a sense they used the bully pulpit and the cover of the UN to give legitimacy to their claims. However, now we find out that they were doing this for reasons not relating to saving the earth. "Follow the money" would be a good thing to keep in mind in asking why. Those taking the lead were profiting with not only research dollars but also private funding for their schemes. We are talking hundreds of millions for the head of the IPCC and others such as Gore. Saving the planet never paid so well.

Compliant Media- Just like the UN, the general media bought the global warming theory hook line and sinker. Where was the checking of facts? Where was the skeptical eye of journalism when these claims that could cost the advanced countries hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars? Why are they still not giving the controversy inches on their front pages. Instead of covering up because they were duped, they should admit they were duped and dig in and find out what happened and who was behind it. Trust me, I'm not holding my breath. There is a reason viewership and readership is down, they new longer report facts.

Climate Bill/Carbon Trading- This bill should be dead in the water. We cannot pass with a straight face a bill that was built on a false premise using manipulated scientific information. Carbon trading and all the other money making and taxing schemes should be crushed. As well, I'm not sure the American people and other people around the world want their taxes raised directly or indirectly based on a lie.

Environmental Movement- Being a responsible steward of the environment is a good thing. I believe that people care about clean air and clean water. However, environmentalism at the end of a gun is good for no one. The image will be one of liars and con men who will say and do anything to get their way. When a movement is trying to win the hearts and mind of the general population, you need to be clear and you need to be honest. If you are anything but, your message no matter how noble will be lost.

In the end, I am glad this information is leaking out even though it is not receiving the coverage it should. I'm not sure the country is ready or willing to go through another political battle over legislation that not only people don't want, but is based on lies. At a time when the unemployment/underemployment rate across the board is nearing 18%, the last thing families need is another tax and another set of rules limiting their opportunities. I hope that level heads will prevail so that we can continue to reduce pollution and work on green technologies. Not only because it is a good thing to do, but because it will also help employ families. That would be a win win not only for the planet but for those living on it.


UN IPCC Panel Lied To Us

Daily Express UK

The global warming debate is one that ignites the passions of those on both sides of the argument. I could spend all day and pages upon pages in this blog discussing both sides of the argument and who is perceived to be right and wrong. That is not where I am going today. This post is going to be about what appears to be corruption within the UN panel that most in the media and some scientists have designated as the final authority on all things global warming/climate change.

The Interacademy Council (IAC) performed a high level investigation into claims made by the IPCC showing that many of the claims put forth by the group where lacking any real scientific evidence. A review of several statements made by the group and used by promoters of the global warming/climate change theory were shown to be without scientific merit and/or flat out misleading.

The IPCC panel-

"was forced to admit its key claim in support of global warming was lifted from a 1999 magazine article. The report was based on an interview with a little-known Indian scientist who has since said his views were “speculation” and not backed by research."

I could go on but the article and full report at the IAC website above tell you everything you need to know. Here is my problem and one that should bother all of you who care about the planet. We have been lied to. We have been led to believe certain things and we have spread those lies all around the globe. Take a moment to think about that. Tomorrow I will delve into what the repercussions of this should and will be.


Stelmach Fights Oilsands Boycott

Edmonton Journal

Premier Ed Stelmach is fighting all boycotts with his own direct information campaign. It appears that a few companies have decided to boycott oilsands derived fuel. This comes on the heels of environmental groups pressuring these companies to act. What is disturbing about this is that the companies never sought input from Alberta or anyone else. They seemed to have buckled at the first sign of opposition. Had they asked, they would have learned the great strides that those in the oilsands industry have made to reduce pollution and the billions that have been spent on research to make oilsands energy clean and safe.

What also bothers me is that these companies are big users of water and other resources. They should be careful that we don't start going over their manufacturing and sales process with a fine tooth comb to see what sort of "impact" they are having on the environment. Are they spending billions to make their process better? I don't think so.

I applaud the Premier for taking a stand and doing what he can to get the information about what is actually happening in the hands of the public. He understands that supporters of oilsands need to make sure they are shaping the message and not others who have an interest in shutting the industry down. As I have said before, I am a supporter of all energy sources developed and used responsibly. To pick favorites and seek to eliminate some options is foolish and counter productive to the financial well being of our economies. I hope that the public at large can have an honest discussion of our energy resources and needs based on fact and not fear.


Cool- Oil Eating Robots!


This MIT project is straight out of science fiction. The nice folks at MIT are working on a project to have solar powered robots skim the ocean for oil and other toxic spills. (See video) They are using nano threads that can soak up to 20 times their weight in oil. The sheets of threads can be recovered, heated and then reused to collect oil from the surface. They claim that an army of 5,000 of these robots working for a month could clean up all the surface oil spilled by the recent BP spill. Because of there size, they would be useful in tight areas like estuaries or marshes. Obviously the technology is in the beginning stages, however it's nice to see a new approach to oil spill clean up that does not use chemicals. It's solar, it's reusable and it can cover large spaces. Hopefully if it is ever mass produced it will also be built domestically.


Idaho Tapping Into Wind


Idaho is investing in wind and doing it on a grand scale. The opening of a 10,000 acre wind farm is the first of what I presume will be many wind farms throughout the region. Governor Otter made some keys points about the project. The first being that Idaho was going to make use of all it's resources. I applaud the governor for being forward thinking regarding energy and not taking any solutions of the table. Secondly, he rightly recognizes that the project will add JOBS to the region. This quote sums it up:

"The renewable energy industry is breathing new life into the Idaho frontier. We're aggressively harnessing our abundant natural resources for growth because that helps our economy, generating not only electricity but career opportunities right here at home."

The project is both a private/public initiative using funds from a US Treasury Grant for renewable energy. However, the grant is set to expire at the end of the year. It is not clear whether this affects the project or if the funding for completion is already in place. All I know is this one of the first positive things I have seen my tax dollars applied to in quite some time.

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