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Nebraska and the Keystone XL Pipeline

As the Nebraska legislature debates the siting of the Keystone XL Pipeline through Nebraska, it is important to note Nebraska voices that question its actions and the opposition to the pipeline. The Platte Institute for Economic Research is a research and educational organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for all citizens of Nebraska by advancing sensible, well-researched solutions to state and local economic policy issues. Take a look at this information from a conservative Nebraska organization.


Jurisdiction and the Special Session

Click here for complete article > Platte Institute for Economic Research

November 2, 2011

The question on the minds of anyone interested in the issue is "what will come from the special session?" But the question that should be asked is what jurisdiction does the Nebraska Unicameral have at this point?...


The Truth about the Keystone Pipeline

Click here for complete article > Platte Institute for Economic Research

September 29, 2011

On Tuesday, the Platte Institute expanded on this theme as we released our new Policy Study, "The Keystone XL Oil Pipeline-True Facts." This paper aims to dispel the lies surrounding the controversial pipeline with solid, factual evidence attesting to how the pipeline is safe, secure, and poses no danger to the environment and the Ogallala Aquifer in particular. Many of the claims made by opponents of the pipeline are grossly inaccurate, and the study aims to rectify and educate on thirteen of the most common false statements…

Complete Policy Report

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