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Presentations from Ports-to-Plains Alliance Energy Summit: April 20, 2012

Ports-to-Plains Alliance Energy Summit

April 20, 2012

Washington, DC

Electricity and the Economy

Description:  There is not a sector of the economy that is not affected by the cost and availability of electricity.  Renewable energy is providing many of our rural communities in the Ports-to-Plains region an economic shot in the arm as well as creating a growing manufacturing sector across the region.  At the same time coal provides the majority of electricity in the nation while creating rural jobs.  How can we create an electric future that supports the economy and the consumer?

  • Renewable Energy Production Tax Credits and Rural Communities
  • PTC = Jobs
    • John L. Cohen, Vice President, Government Affairs, Alstom, Inc.

Ptp conference april 20-final

  • Electricity and the Economy: A Co-Op’s Perspective
    • Rick Gordon, Chairman, Tri-State Generation & Transmission

Electricity and the Economy: A Co-Op’s Perspective

 Energy and Transportation

Description:  The Ports-to-Plains Alliance Corridors create the backbone transportation corridor for North America’s Energy Corridor.  With domestic energy production booming in the region, the stresses on the rural transportation system is also booming at a time when transportation funding is slowing.  What are the opportunities to address economic opportunity with a transportation system that is safe and reliable?

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