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TA’s Graves Criticizes DOT Truck Productivity Report: Release of Self-Acknowledged Incomplete Study Timed to Color Current Debate

American Trucking Associations

June 5, 2015

Today, American Trucking Associations President and CEO Bill Graves lambasted the U.S. Department of Transportation for releasing a long overdue study on the potential impacts of changing truck size and weight limits that they say should not be used as a basis for policy:

“Given the timing of the release of this study, it is an obvious attempt to promote administration policy, rather than give Congress the unbiased information it requested. It is appalling that after years of saying the study would not make recommendations, DOT officials would release this report – and recommend no change in current law – just days after the White House came out opposing truck productivity increases.

Our experience as an industry, as seen by the safe and efficient use of twin 33-foot trailers in the states of Florida and North Dakota, shows the obvious benefits of this configuration,” he said. “As flimsy as this report is, it at least acknowledges these more productive combinations will improve efficiency, saving American consumers billions of dollars.   Read on…

USDOT Release

Technical Reports on Truck Size and Weight

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