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Evans Kicks off Energy Summit

The Honourable Iris Evans, Minister of Alberta International and Intergovernmental Relations, Government of Alberta, opened the First Annual Ports-to-Plains Alliance Energy Summit on Thursday. She pointed out that the Alliance Mission which states:   "A grassroots alliance of communities and businesses whose mission is to advocate for a robust transportation infrastructure to promote economic security and prosperity throughout North America’s energy and agricultural heartland" really says "To make North America more globally competitive."

Many do not recognize that in 2008, the United States imported 21% of its crude oil from Canada, 15% of which came from Alberta.  

Oil Sands

Oil sands deposits underly 54,903 square miles with mineable deposits of 1,853 square miles (about 1.25% of Alberta’s Boreal forest area). Land disturbed to date for mining is about 232 square miles. Oil is extracted through surface mining or enhanced oil recovery processes.

Eighty percent of the oil sands is only availble through In Situ (in place) Recovery. Forty-five percent of the oil sands production is already using this process which requires no tailings ponds and no water from the Athabasca River.

Alberta is the only jurisdiction in North America with mandatory reduction targets for large emitters. Emitters contribute to a clean energy technology fund

Economically for every $1 invested in the oil sands creates about $9 worth of economic activity, including one-third is generated outside Alberta.

The impact of Alberta Oil Sands development on the U.S. Economy

  • Increase in U.S. output ($US):
    • 2010 = $23 billion
    • 2015 = $69.2 billion
    • 2020 = $78.5 billion
    • 2025 = $80.9 billion
  • Change in U.S. GDP ($US):
    • 2010 = $11.5 billion
    • 2015 = $34 billion
    • 2020 = $40.4 billion
    • 2025 = $42.2 billion

2010 Energy Summit

The first annual Ports-To-Plains Energy Summit begins tomorrow. We will be updating the blog with news from the summit.

As well, check out our twitter page for quick updates on speakers. www.twitter.com/ptpblogs. As well, check the photo gallery for pictures from the event.


Take a look at the Speakers for the 2010 Energy Summit

Confirmed Speakers

It's a great line-up ... Is energy production important to your community/region?


Energy Summit Event Summary

On April 8-9, 2010, the Ports-to-Plains Alliance will host the 1st Ports-to-Plains Energy Summit in Broomfield, Colorado, a Denver suburb. The Energy Summit is an opportunity for Ports-to-Plains Alliance communities, their Congressional representatives, and energy industry leaders to explore together the role of the Ports-to-Plains region in North America's energy economy, energy security and independence, and strategies to promote infrastructure development that supports robust growth, investment and new jobs throughout the region. Ports-to-Plains states comprise America's top jurisdictions in every important sector of the oil industry, including: oil, natural gas, wind, biofuels, solar, coal and nuclear. As Members of Congress examine America's options in preparation for 2010, and new debates about a variety of policy alternatives, including cap and trade, Ports-to-Plains Alliance leaders believe Americans should study and fully understand America's domestic energy sources, and what it would take for Americans to build a more self-reliant energy culture for the future. ConocoPhillips, one of the world's largest multinational energy firms, has signed on as a lead sponsor of the Energy Summit, and founding member of a proposed energy work group. The energy work group is intended to provide Ports-to-Plains leaders, members and supporters a means of collaborating with the energy industry on common policy priorities, access sector-specific information to validate and enhance the impact of Alliance advocacy, and enlist industry leaders into the Alliance's national lobbying effort. Montana Governor Schweitzer calls the region between Alberta and Texas the most important energy region on the planet. Boone Pickens believes the region offers America its best hope for a cleaner, energy independent future. The 1st Energy Summit of the Ports-to-Plains Alliance will bring together the public and industry leaders of the Ports-to-Plains region to assess the region's energy assets, explore regional strategies to encourage optimized use of those assets, in a manner that fuels business activity, job creation and new investment in the region, for years to come.