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JAY AMBROSE: Don't be alarmed, fracking isn't a public health threat

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August 22, 2011

Jay Ambrose is former Washington director of editorial policy for Scripps Howard newspapers…

The misinformation was so great in a recent guest op-ed in the Denver Post that it could not have been manufactured by one person alone. It took a consumer group organizer, a member of the Sierra Club and a trouper from George Soros's to misrepresent a salvational technology known as fracking as a weapon of mass destruction.

You better have a cardiologist standing by, for what this committee said was that fracking has "caused livestock and crops to die from tainted water, people in small towns to black out and develop headaches from foul air, and flames to explode from kitchen taps."…


Opinion: Fracking and the road to energy independence

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August 22, 2011

Spectacularly vast stores of natural gas — by some estimates a staggering 837 trillion cubic feet — trapped in shale formations thousands of feet below our nation's surface could endow America with decades of energy independence.

But the method of exacting the natural gas, a process nicknamed fracking, could be the next environmental superdebate. Maybe it won't be as cosmic as the battle over global warming, but it certainly could rival the acid rain hysteria of the 1970s and the '80s…


Sen. Boxer Plans a Four-month Extension of SAFETEA-LU

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August 19, 2011

The Senate Environment & Public Works Committee (EPW) will take up a four-month extension of SAFETEA-LU on September 8th.   Committee Chair Boxer relayed this to some stakeholders late Thursday, according to Jeff Davis of Transportation Weekly…


Push continues on Hwy. 2: Alliance says improving Highway 2 is key to economic development

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August 18, 2011

A representative of a group trying to improve transportation infrastructure and stimulate trade in a 10-state region including Montana said during a meeting of the Highway 2 Association in Havre Wednesday that a key to improving the economy and sustaining rural communities is investing in highways.

But, Joe Kiely of Limon, Colo., vice president of operations for the Ports-to-Plains Alliance said, that will take effort and money from local groups as well as state and federal leaders.

He said Montana needs to remember that U. S. Highway 2 — along with north-south routes and the U. S.-Canadian border — is a key to successful Montana trade and economic development.

“Please understand that your second-largest trading partner along this corridor is not south of you, it is east of you. And that’s what makes Highway 2 something that is important to you in the future, ” Kiely said…


Why Dropping the Gas Tax Would Be a Disaster

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August 17, 2011

In the wake of last month's game of chicken/debt deal compromise, the country was almost paralyzed again by another fiscal dispute—this time over funding for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Congress couldn't agree to re-authorize the FAA's operations, thanks to a disagreement between some Republicans and Democrats over a few million dollars in subsidies for small-town airports. As a result, the federal government lost millions in tax collections, thousands of construction workers lost time as airport renovation jobs were stopped and dozens of vital airline safety inspectors were forced to work without pay to keep the air travel system going. (Maybe that's the secret to solving our country's fiscal problems—just stop paying people.) A temporary compromise to fund the FAA through mid-September defused the crisis for the short-term, but it'll be back up for debate when Congress returns to work in September…


Grover Norquist: I'm OK with extending gasoline tax

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August 17, 2011

Anti-tax activist Grover Norquist says it's fine with him if Congress extends the soon-to-expire gasoline tax for now - a statement that may allow room for lawmakers to defuse a brewing confrontation on what is normally a humdrum decision.

Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, told Bloomberg that lawmakers who vote to extend the tax without making any changes wouldn't be violating the no-tax-hike pledge that many members of Congress have signed at his group's behest…


Judge Nixes Tighter U.S. Oversight of Oil and Gas Operations

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August 15, 2011

A federal judge threw out Obama administration efforts Friday to increase environmental oversight of oil and gas development on federal land…


WYDOT's 2012 roadway projects list focuses on maintenance

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August 10, 2011

The Wyoming Department of Transportation’s draft improvement program lists nearly $330 million in projects for the 2012 federal fiscal year.

The document also lists engineering and environmental projects into 2017…