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Cantor’s infrastructure funding plan offers olive branch to White House

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September 4, 2011

Congressional Republicans may be opposed to President Obama’s call for new infrastructure spending, but House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) is pushing an idea that he says would free up funds for critical transportation projects.

 In a statement responding to Friday’s disappointing jobs report, Cantor highlighted a proposal to eliminate a rule requiring states to set aside 10 percent of federal surface transportation funds for “museums, education and preservation.” Scrapping that provision, Cantor said, “would allow states to devote these monies to high-priority infrastructure projects, without adding to the deficit.”…


Drought Creates Opportunities in Ports-to-Plains Region

Drought has clearly impacted agriculture operations in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Kansas.  Hay is in very short supply. "Right now there is no pasture, no hay and no end in sight," Texas Agricultural Commissioner Todd Staples said. "The need for hay is dire and getting more desperate each day.” Opportunity is created in two areas. First, the northern tier in North Dakota, Montana, Alberta and Saskatchewan had very wet weather creating a surplus of hay.  Second, the booming energy industry in the northern tier is moving equipment and pipe from the south creating a need for backhauls.  If you have hay or trucks looking for a backhaul, it creates a win-win situation because the need is critical in the southern tier.

Take a look at the following site for information:  Texas Hay Hotline – Hay Available, Haulers Available


Chamber Calls for Multi-Year Transport Bill: Business group repeats call for increase in federal fuel tax

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September 1, 2011

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Thursday called on Congress to act more boldly to pass a new long-term transportation funding bill, saying President Obama’s plea for another interim extension doesn’t go far enough to address pressing infrastructure and jobs needs.

“This isn't going to happen, but the right thing to do is pass a long-term bill,” Chamber President Tom Donohue told a White House jobs panel at Southern Methodist University. “We ought to just damn do it, because that's going to send a message.”…


TRIP Report: Rural Connections: Challenges and Opportunities in America’s Heartland

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September 2, 2011

America's rural roads are facing tremendous challenges including deteriorating conditions and a higher fatality rate than other roads and highways, according to a new report released Thursday by TRIP, a national non-profit transportation research group based in Washington, D.C.

"The safety and quality of life in America's small communities and rural areas and the health of the nation's economy ride on our rural transportation system. This backbone of the heartland allows mobility and connectivity for millions of rural Americans and provides crucial links from farm to market, moves manufactured and energy products, and provides access to countless tourist and recreational destinations," Will Wilkins, executive director of TRIP, said in a statement…

Report from TRIP, September 2011




Steven Chu: Canadian oil is better choice for U.S.

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August 31, 2011

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu answers questions during a news conference in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)Energy Secretary Steven Chu is making waves with recent comments that suggest the Obama administration is on track to approve the controversial proposed Keystone XL pipeline that would deliver Canadian oil sands crude to Gulf Coast refineries.

In an interview with energyNOW!, Chu argues that when it comes to importing oil from foreign countries, Canada is a better option for the U.S. than alternatives in the Middle East and elsewhere:

“Having Canada as a supplier for our oil is much more comforting than having other countries supply our oil,” Chu said…


What’s next for Hwy 85? Theodore Roosevelt Expressway Association holds annual meeting

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August 31, 2011

Theodore Roosevelt Expressway Association Executive Director Cal Klewin updates a crowd of approximately 60 people on efforts to improve the TRE between Williston and Watford City during the group's annual meeting Tuesday in Watford City. Nick Smith | Williston HeraldRegional and state leaders gathered, some making their way through construction on U.S. Highway 85, to discuss the very corridor they had just traveled on.

A crowd of approximately 60 people gathered at Outlaws' Bar and Grill in Watford City for the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway Association's annual meeting.

TRE Executive Director Cal Klewin noted the accomplishments in building up Highway 85 between Williston and Watford City in the past two years…


Trucks Waiting To Go North On US Highway 2 In Williston. NOT RUSH HOUR! Just a normal day of driving in Williston, ND. BOOMTOWN USA!!!

Thanks to Shawn Wenko of Williston Economic Development

August 30, 2011

Any questions about the need to improve the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway in North Dakota!



Shaping the Future of Rural Texas

August 26, 2011

The Texas Department of Transportation is developing a rural component to the recently adopted Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan 2035, and wants your input.  The department has developed the attached questionnaire to determine the best criteria to use in prioritizing projects.

“At a time when transportation funds, especially for rural areas, are so limited it is even more important to properly prioritize projects,” said Ports to Plains President Michael Reeves.  “I encourage all of our members to comment whether or not these are the proper criteria for selecting projects., and also comment on the importance of Ports to Plains to our region’s economy, and to all of Texas.”




Completed comments should be returned by September 14 to:

Peggy Thurin, P.E., Project Manager

Texas Rural Transportation Plan 2035

4544 Post Oak Place #224

Houston, TX 77027

More information is available online.