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Colorado lawmakers’ grand bargain on transportation appears doomed

The Denver Post

April 20, 2017

The Colorado legislative session’s top priority, a major transportation bill that seeks a tax hike to improve and expand highways, is unlikely to win approval this term.

Senate President Kevin Grantham, a Cañon City Republican and one of the prime sponsors, announced Thursday morning that he does not have the votes to move it through the GOP-led chamber.

“At this point, we can’t count to three,” he said, describing the number of votes he needs to advance it through the Senate Finance Committee next week.

The bill sponsors continue to work to secure support, but Grantham did not express optimism that the vote total would shift. House Bill 1242 won approval in the Democratic-led House earlier this year but faced tougher obstacles in the Senate because it would ask voters for a 0.5 percent sales tax hike to generate money for a $3.5 billion bond package for roads.

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Colorado General Assembly's Transportation Legislation Review Committee: Fort Morgan, CO: Speakers talk of varied transportation concerns

Her final concern was on funding for the Ports-to-Plains Corridor, which is intended to create a shipping route from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

Locally, that involves State Highway 71 directly and State Highway 385 indirectly.

"71 and 385 are among the last two parts of that whole Canada to Mexico corridor," Shull said. "The traffic it would take off of (Interstate) 25 would be tremendous. Ports-to-Plains is huge for farm-to-market and huge for energy."

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The General Assembly's Transportation Legislation Review Committee listens as Cathy Shull shares her thoughts on transportation needs in northeast Colorado at the committee's July 24 stop in Fort Morgan. (Jenni Grubbs / Fort Morgan Times)Northeast Colorado has a wide variety of needs when it comes to transportation, the members of the Colorado General Assembly's Transportation Legislation Review Committee heard at their listening tour stop in Fort Morgan Wednesday.

After they had heard from state transportation officials, Morgan County and the city of Fort Morgan, the committee opened the floor to other speakers.

One of the speakers was Fort Morgan resident Cathy Shull, who is the executive director of the political advocacy and education group Progressive 15, is involved with the transportation study group Impact 64, is on the Ports-to-Plains Corridor Executive Board and is a local small business owner. She shared some of the things she has heard about from being active in all of these groups…