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TxDOT and Ports to Plains Alliance improve transportation in West Texas

Fox 34

June 9, 2017

LUBBOCK, Texas - The president traveled to Ohio touting a one trillion dollar infrastructure plan. TxDOT and the Ports to Plains Alliance discussed how to improve the transportation of goods here in the state.

The Ports to Plains corridor plays a big role as the new Texas Freight Mobility Plan is underway.

The transportation of goods across the state is a big part of our economy and the Texas Freight Mobility plan is a movement focusing on the transportation of those goods.

"The most important element of the plan is that it looks at how we can move goods," said Caroline Mays Section Director for Freight and International Trade for the Texas Department of Transportation. "That helps companies locate in Texas, stay in Texas, expand in Texas and also provides jobs for Texans and improve the quality of life. "

At the moment, the Ports to Plains corridor runs from Lubbock to Amarillo, but it could be much greater. 

"We have identified the Ports to Plains corridor as a principal corridor because it connects the Mexican border and goes all the way to Canada," Mays said. "In terms of moving goods, not just within the state, but also in a national and in a multi-state, it plays a key role."

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Mayor, TxDot Discuss Freight Mobility and Transportation

Everything Lubbock

February 27, 2017

Mayor, Dan PopeLUBBOCK TX - The Texas Department of Transportation is looking for ways to expand freight and transportation opportunities. TxDot met with Mayor Dan Pope and key stakeholders Thursday.

"Business and investment often follows interstates, businesses need to be able to move their product and we need to connect I-27 to I-20," Pope said.

According to Pope, today was a step in the right direction.

"TxDot's here to get our input on freight planning, and that's important to our community."

TxDot Director of Freight and International Trade Caroline Mays believes the Fast Act will provide funding needed to expand economic opportunity in Texas.

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Rep. Burrows files bill for I-27 extension study

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

January 10, 2017

State Rep. Dustin Burrows wants Texas to study the proposed extension of Interstate 27.

The day before the state’s 85th Legislature convenes, Burrows filed a bill that would direct the Texas Department of Transportation to conduct a feasibility study on extending Interstate 27 from Lubbock to Laredo along the Ports- to-Plains map.

The bill calls for a study analyzing the cost and the impact to be complete by 2019.

“The bill would direct TxDOT to examine a critically needed expansion of I-27, which currently ends in Lubbock,” Burrows said of the Amarillo to Lubbock highway. “Given the economic and population growth West Texas has experienced during the last 20 years, the continuation of the interstate to Laredo would allow for further industry and business expansion along the route.”

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Ports to Plains highway project is coming

News Channel 10

September 15, 2015

It’s known as Ports-to-Plains and it will provide a modern highway network that stretches from Texas’s border with Mexico all the way into the Canadian plains.  Eventually.

The project isn’t done yet, but according to Michael Reeves, president of the Ports-to-Plains Alliance, much of the highway improvements – in Texas, at least – has been completed.

Reeves, who lives in Lubbock, has led the alliance – which he said is a 501 c 6 non-profit organization – for about a dozen years. He’s a Lubbock native, a journalism graduate from Texas Tech University and he’s an energetic advocate for this massive highway project.

The alliance comprises local officials representing cities, counties and chambers of commerce in communities stretching all the way from Mazatlán, on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, to Alberta, Reeves said.

“One of our goals is to relieve some of the heavy truck traffic from Interstate 35,” Reeves said. Expanding and improving the highway through Texas and north into the rest of the Great Plains would divert traffic that’s now moving along I-35 that most officials believe is causing considerable congestion headaches, Reeves said.  Read on…


Ports-to-Plains Alliance asking for support to study I27 expansion

KCBD-TV Lubbock

July 7, 2015

Supporters of expanding Interstate-27 are now being asked to add their names to a letter that will be sent to state transportation leaders.  It calls for a feasibility study for a future I-27 expansion. 

It's a cause Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson supports.  He's met with TxDOT and held meetings in Lubbock and other west Texas cities to discuss the expansion.

The letter is being organized by the Ports-to-Plains Alliance which is seeking support from private businesses, municipal and county officials, non-profits, and individuals.

The text of the letter reads as follows:   Read on…


Mayors Push for Ports to Plains Extension


April 29, 2015

An old idea resurfaces to help bring new commerce to Amarillo and west Texas.

The Ports to Plains project was first studied more than 20-years ago. An idea to extend Interstate 27 from the Mexican border all the way to Canada.

It wasn't feasible then, but, now the mayor of Lubbock is pushing an alternative that would use other existing highways and interstates to create the much needed trade route.

The concept is simple. Create a four lane, divided interstate highway from one of the busiest ports in the U.S., that being Laredo, and extend it through Midland-Odessa, Lubbock, Amarillo and eventually connecting to I-25 into Denver.

That's the reason behind a series of meeting held by the Texas Department of Transportation and the Ports to Plains Alliance.

Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson said, "If you and work in West Texas, if your family, if your roots are in West Texas, If you don't want to see West Texas wither up and die, I think you need to be behind this effort."

Robertson is a big proponent of the idea because it would bring more commerce through West Texas, benefitting the cities and towns along the way.

The President of the Ports to Plains Alliance, Michael Reeves, says it would help the entire region economically. "As a farming area and an energy production area, we really have to be able to get our goods and services out to the markets. And, we have to reach out, so we have to be able to connect to those markets. So it's really important for us economically to make those connections.

Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole fully supports the plan because he knows all too well what having a major interstate running through your city does for you economically.

"The movement of commerce through our town brings other things. We have as many freight cars through our town everyday equal to Chicago and New York City. That's hard to believe but we are a major corridor in going across this country." Harpole said.    Read on…


Connecting West Texas: Mayor and Ports-to-Plains Alliance hoping to expand I-27

Going south from Lubbock, the proposed extension of I-27 would go down to Lamesa, split in Lamesa with one route going to Midland and the other going to Big Spring, meet back up in Sterling City, continue through San Angelo and down to Del Rio. From there it would hug the border until it reaches Eagle Pass, then go east to Carrizo Springs and then south to Laredo.

Going north from Amarillo, the proposed extension would reach Dumas and then split, with one route going northwest to Texline and the other going north into the panhandle of Oklahoma.

Click here for complete article > Lubbock Avalanche Journal

Shannon Wilson / A-J MediaIt’s not a new idea, but it has picked up some momentum lately.

Interstate 27 currently runs from Amarillo to Lubbock, but city leaders and economic development agencies are hoping to expand it, proposing the freeway go as far south as Laredo, stretching across Texas until it hits the northern border going into both the panhandle of Oklahoma and the northeastern tip of New Mexico.


Consider This...Mayor looking to the future with I-27 project

Texas continues to recognize the value of the Ports-to-Plains Corridor.  Lubbock continues to recognize the value of a north-south trade corridor.


Click here for complete article> KCBD, Lubbock

September, 2014

I am glad to see Mayor Glen Robertson recognizing the need to extend Interstate 27 south of Lubbock.

The mayor is conducting meetings with state and regional officials to begin studying the expansion. He also wants to include the possibility of extending the interstate north out of Amarillo, the idea being to tie into the ports-to-plains project and create a trade corridor that would position Lubbock as a distribution community.

Consider this:

I think the mayor is right on in his thinking. This is a project that he also understands could take up to 50 years. Knowing that, I appreciate him looking to the future and planning past his time in office…