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NAFTA Helps Small Business Manufacturers Grow

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

August 17, 2017 

Nearly two decades ago, Drew Greenblatt purchased a small manufacturing business in Baltimore, Maryland. Since then, he has nearly doubled the number of employees at Marlin Steel Wire Products. Over that same period, he doubled the firm’s sales. Then he doubled that. Then he doubled it again.

In large measure, Greenblatt’s success and Marlin Steel’s growth have been fueled by exporting the company’s wire baskets, wire forms and sheet metal products to customers abroad, with more than a quarter of the company’s revenue now stemming from international sales. Looking at it another way, seven of the Marlin Steel’s 29 workers’ jobs are directly tied to the company’s exports.

Greenblatt would like to see that number continue to grow.
From a business perspective, the foremost goal of U.S. trade policy should be to tear down barriers so companies like mine can start exporting to new markets … Free trade agreements have helped us accomplish this in the past and will help our business grow in the future.
No trade deal, Greenblatt adds, has been more critical to the company’s success than the North American Free Trade Agreement, commonly known as NAFTA.


Small Business Growth from Natural Gas Production and Exports

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

November 13, 2014

New Report Shows Energy Sector - Led By Small and Medium Size Firms - Added Significant Small Businesses and Jobs, While Overall U.S. Economy Witnessed Losses

In the midst of a historic energy revolution, United States energy sector companies - particularly small and midsize businesses – are adding new businesses and jobs at a far greater pace than the overall economy, according to a new report released today by the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council).  These gains, the report adds, could be expanded even further through additional liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports.

"Our country has undergone nothing short of an energy revolution over the past decade, shifting from the position of energy dependence to one of energy abundance," said Raymond J. Keating, SBE Council chief economist and author of the report. "We are now the top natural gas producer in the world and the largest combined oil and natural gas producer. Our increased energy production has brought about tremendous small business and job growth with indirect benefits spreading up and down the supply chain all across the country. Expanding LNG exports would be the icing on the cake by encouraging future investments and the creation of even more businesses and jobs in our thriving energy sector. "…

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