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Scoop: Trump wants to do tax reform and infrastructure at the same time


March 28, 2017

The Trump administration is looking at driving tax reform and infrastructure concurrently, according to a White House source with direct knowledge.

It's a major strategic shift - infrastructure was likely going to be parked until next year - and is only possible because of last week's healthcare debacle.

President Trump feels burned by the ultra conservative House Freedom Caucus and is ready to deal with Democrats. Dangling infrastructure spending is an obvious way to buy the support of potentially dozens of Dems, meaning he wouldn't have to bargain with the hardliners.

Bill Shuster, the guy who would steer Trump's infrastructure package through the House, tells me he's optimistic Trump could get it done this year.

"It certainly changes the calculus of the timing with the defeat of healthcare," says Shuster, the chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, in an interview in his Capitol Hill office Monday.

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Obama: Tax overhaul should fund transportation projects

As part of his proposal, Obama is expected to propose $150 billion in one-time funding for transportation projects in order to demonstrate how investing will create jobs, according to the administration. The money would come from closing tax loopholes, lowering tax rates and making the corporate tax system fairer, according to a fact sheet provided by the Department of Transportation.

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February 26, 2014

President Obama will propose Wednesday a four-year, $302 billion highway bill that would be half funded by a corporate tax overhaul that Senate leaders have already said is unlikely to pass this year.

Obama's proposal aims to avoid repeated short-term extensions of construction funding for highways, bridges, railways and transit programs, and to protect 700,000 jobs, according to the administration. But Congress has been reluctant in recent years to approve longer extensions as the gas tax that funds the construction projects has failed to keep pace…