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Cold Lake, AB: Imperial Oil always looking to improve technology

A photo of Imperial Oil's Mahkeses factility located roughly 50 kilometres outside of Cold Lake.Click here for complete article > Bonnyville Nouvelle

November 25, 2014

With the expansion Nabiye project almost complete, Imperial Oil’s Cold Lake operations is set to reach a combined production level of approximately 193,000 barrels of oil per day. 

Nabiye, which is Dené for Otter, will join four other plants – Leming, Maskaw, Mahihkan and Mahkeses – at the company’s Cold Lake operations. Together these facilities, consisting of 4,600 active wells, cover roughly 780 square kilometers of oil sands leases 50 kilometers northwest of Cold Lake.

It was in 2010 when Imperial Oil received regulatory approval to proceed with development of the $2 billion Nabiye project.

After nearly four years of planning research and construction Nabiye is projected to start up production by the end of 2014…


Small Business Growth from Natural Gas Production and Exports

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

November 13, 2014

New Report Shows Energy Sector - Led By Small and Medium Size Firms - Added Significant Small Businesses and Jobs, While Overall U.S. Economy Witnessed Losses

In the midst of a historic energy revolution, United States energy sector companies - particularly small and midsize businesses – are adding new businesses and jobs at a far greater pace than the overall economy, according to a new report released today by the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council).  These gains, the report adds, could be expanded even further through additional liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports.

"Our country has undergone nothing short of an energy revolution over the past decade, shifting from the position of energy dependence to one of energy abundance," said Raymond J. Keating, SBE Council chief economist and author of the report. "We are now the top natural gas producer in the world and the largest combined oil and natural gas producer. Our increased energy production has brought about tremendous small business and job growth with indirect benefits spreading up and down the supply chain all across the country. Expanding LNG exports would be the icing on the cake by encouraging future investments and the creation of even more businesses and jobs in our thriving energy sector. "…

Click here for complete report.


Falling apart: America's neglected infrastructure

60 Minutes/CBS Video Link

The following is a script of "Falling Apart" which aired on Nov. 23, 2014. Steve Kroft is the correspondent. James Jacoby, Michael Karzis and Maria Gavrilovic, producers.

There are a lot of people in the United States right now who think the country is falling apart, and at least in one respect they're correct. Our roads and bridges are crumbling, our airports are out of date and the vast majority of our seaports are in danger of becoming obsolete.  All the result of decades of neglect. None of this is really in dispute. Business leaders, labor unions, governors, mayors, congressmen and presidents have complained about a lack of funding for years, but aside from a one time cash infusion from the stimulus program, nothing much has changed. There is still no consensus on how to solve the problem or where to get the massive amounts of money needed to fix it, just another example of political paralysis in Washington…


Oil and Gas Drilling and Well Development Process

A Frac Spread; Image Credit: Kansas Geological SurveyThe following links provide an in-depth look at the oil and gas drilling and well development process.  Understanding the process is important for local government and community leaders.  The information was provided by

Unlocking Downhole Treasure


Boom times take new Highway 85 bypass

Three additional reliever routes were opened on the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway on Tuesday, October 28th.  These investment are on top of projects expanding U.S. Highway 85 from Williston to Watford City to four-lane divided.


Bismarck Tribune

October 28, 2014

ALEXANDER, N.D. — Lisa Lucas, a California girl in a stocking cap with a little boy in hand and a baby on board, is the reason for the bypass around Alexander.

It is for her and others trying to live out these rambunctious boom times that the state of North Dakota invested $160 million to take state highways around Alexander and Watford City instead of through them.

On Tuesday, after chilly but boisterous ribbon cuttings out on the pavement of both projects, the signal lights at Watford City went into operation. Back in town, it was like someone threw a shutoff switch. Gone was the noise of thousands of trucks, and a pedestrian could walk across the old U.S. Highway 85 intersection without feeling like it was a suicide mission.

It felt the same in Alexander, where the Main Street that used to be the main highway was quiet, just like the good old days. The noisy traffic on U.S. Highway 85 can no longer be heard, much less seen.

Lucas, who had pulled up to the Alexander Post Office to pick up the new baby crib shipped to her, said she likes the little town she and her husband settled into a year ago a lot more now that the traffic is gone.

“It feels like the country is supposed to feel,” Lucas said. “Even the locals are coming outside more.” 

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Ports to Plains expansion construction headed to the Panhandle

October 23, 2014

Amarillo, TX - More transportation construction is coming to the panhandle, and Amarillo has plans to bring more business to the area with it.

The Ports to Plains Corridor is a trade route running from Mexico all the way up to Canada. Expanding the corridor to meet the demand of traffic passing through it has been a project in the making for nearly twenty years and now there is finally funding to make some progress.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is investing more than $900 million into 59 projects along the Texas portion of the Ports to Plains Corridor. Almost half of those projects are right here in the Panhandle… Continue Reading


The Heart of The Bakken

Watford City is located on U.S. Highway 85 on the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway, part of the Ports-to-Plains Alliance.  Great story about the role of community leadership needed for successful economic development.  The impact of these leaders is certainly present in their community but it extends beyond their community. 

The last paragraph of the article sums up the message… no matter how impossible a situation may seem, leaders address today’s problems with a view to the future.   The leadership today in Watford City was not reliant on an oil boom for success… they lead the way they led before the oil boom started… with creativity… with vision and with a love for their community!

“For an oil and gas industry looking to plant firmer roots and a state unsure about funding for oil-impacted regions, all the team cares about is that you consider the real story of Watford City. The one that involves Franzen’s son or Veeder’s youngest daughter moving to town for a lifelong career; a leadership team capable of collaborating on projects and making them happen in a financially-impossible situation, and a town that has proven, if given the chance, it can turn modern-day homesteaders into first-generation Watford City residents capable of serving the Bakken for generations to come.”


The Bakken Magazine

October 22, 2014

Watford City leadership is succeeding in an impossible situation. Through collaboration and innovation with the community and the oil and gas companies that call it home, the city is helping the development of the Williston Basin continue.

A white top tent set up in the parking lot of Whiting Petroleum Corp.’s Watford City headquarters is ready for a busload of visitors coming from every part of North Dakota. For many on that bus, this will be their first time in the heart of the Bakken shale play. Beneath the tent are round tables with place cards and information packets. A refreshment bar is situated near the edge of the lot in a way that forces any patron of the bar to view the landscape below surrounding the city to the south. The view is unforgettable… Continue Reading


Consider This...Mayor looking to the future with I-27 project

Texas continues to recognize the value of the Ports-to-Plains Corridor.  Lubbock continues to recognize the value of a north-south trade corridor.


Click here for complete article> KCBD, Lubbock

September, 2014

I am glad to see Mayor Glen Robertson recognizing the need to extend Interstate 27 south of Lubbock.

The mayor is conducting meetings with state and regional officials to begin studying the expansion. He also wants to include the possibility of extending the interstate north out of Amarillo, the idea being to tie into the ports-to-plains project and create a trade corridor that would position Lubbock as a distribution community.

Consider this:

I think the mayor is right on in his thinking. This is a project that he also understands could take up to 50 years. Knowing that, I appreciate him looking to the future and planning past his time in office…